Revolt Radio: DIRT


Rising From Dirt

The music of the artists we know and love is brought to life on stage, presented with passion by those who possess the dedication to form a tribute band, knowing that the recognition for such greatness ultimately falls somewhere other than on them. Cover bands of Black Sabbath, Metallica, Journey and Kiss; we’ve all seen them, and some have brought the house down, but Alice in Chains? Hell yes! Say hello to Dirt – The Music of Alice in Chains, comprised of four men with a passion for rock, and the skill to deliver. Why AIC you ask? “Well, they are different,” explains Vinnie, the founder, guitarist, and backup vocalist for Dirt, “Alice in Chains just did us in. It clicked.”

Named after AIC’s most successful album, ‘Dirt’, the band came together in 1995, joining up at one point with ‘The Jerry Cantrell Solo Tour’ (The ’98 Meltdown). Eventually they made their way from Chicago to California, but the relocation was somewhat of a challenge for the members of Dirt. Vinnie re-formed the band several years ago, and the group set out to share the music of AIC to all the California fans. However, the entertainment industry in the southern Californian desert has been quite a cultural shock, and although they have gone from playing thousand seat venues, to small, albeit more popular venues, Dirt have not skipped a beat. “It is definitely a different music atmosphere,” agrees Vinnie, but despite the varying venues, new band members, and the contrasting musical cultures, Dirt keep their focus strong. The end goal? Vinnie beams, “House of Blues! We’ve seen other cover bands there, so we just gotta get in. As a band, we definitely just want to play. We love it!”

Also in the works is the potential to appear on season two of ‘The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands’, so far featuring Queen, Atomic Punk, and The Doors. Still yet to be seen is an Alice in Chains tribute band.

Dirt to the rescue!

Their passion for the music of AIC is evident, even over the phone. “We’re paying respect to a band we all grew up with that’s really close to our hearts,” Vinnie says. It is this passion, and commitment to deliver a solid set to the fans nationwide that keeps Dirt working hard. On Friday, May 31st, you can experience Dirt, live and going hard at The Date Shed in Indio, California, where this most unique tribute band featuring Vinnie, Mike, Jason, and Aaron will be headlining.

I know what I will be blaring on my way to work in the morning: Alice in Chains. The ‘Dirt’ album to be exact!

This accompanying article was written by Laura Rivas.